Fix: HDMI Audio “not plugged in” T410s Windows 10

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Installing Windows 10 on a Lenovo ThinkPad T410s is very easy and straight forward. All drivers install automatically, not even Lenovo’s ThinkVantage System Update Software finds newer versions.

Unfortunately I did not receive any sounds when connecting my TV via HDMI using a DisplayPort adapter which used to work fine on Windows 7. In the Sound settings, accessible via right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar, the playback device constantly stated “Not plugged in”.



After some research I finally fixed the problem by downloading this Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10. Although the installation failed, I was able to extract the file using 7-Zip. Then I went to the properties of the Digital Audio (HDMI) device, selected “Change settings” and “Update Driver…”

t410s-hdmi-audio-change-settings t410s-hdmi-audio-update-driver

In the next window I selected “Browse my computer for driver software” and “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”. Don’t just browse for the driver here! Windows will tell you that your driver is already the newest and the best if doing so!


Now click on the “Have Disk…” button and browse for the “DisplayAudio” folder in the extracted driver files. I selected IntcDAud.inf in DisplayAudio\8.20 and confirmed.

t410s-hdmi-audio-have-disk  t410s-hdmi-audio-force-driver

Now the HDMI output also got the right name “Intel (R) Display Audio” and after “Set Default” – believe it or not – it finally worked!



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    A thousand thank yous for this post, I ran into exactly this problem when updating an old laptop to Win10 for the TV in the bedroom and none of the other ‘fixes’ online helped but your hack did the trick, thanks

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    I have tried this and it won’t let me install the update. It says the folder doesn’t contain a compatible driver.
    I am using Windows 10 and used 7 Zip to extract the files. Still nada.

    Please help!!
    I’m pulling my hair out!

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    cant thank you enough for this. been trying to find a fix forever. this 100% works

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