MobileVoIP: An introduction to cheap phonecalls during your travels

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Calling home to your friends and family can still be very expensive these days, especially if you are outside of Europe.

With VoIP on my smartphone, I discovered an easy way to make very cheap calls to and from any country in the world.

There are many providers on the internet, of which many are run by the same company called Bellmont. For me, the best choice was PowerVoIP, which offers prices at about 0.002€ per minute plus a connection fee of 0.036€. Yes, that’s even less, than you pay for calling your friends at home 😉

After a fast registration you will have to add a small credit. This can be done by PayPal, but due to less professing fees, I prefer local resellers like this guy. Just send him a mail and ask for PowerVoIP recharge via German bank account. A few days later, I received a confirmation and started to talk.

You can start Phone-to-Phone calls by entering both numbers on your account dashboard or using the MobileVoIP-App, which enables you to make calls via Internet, Phone-to-Phone or via dialling a local access number, which forwards your call. Once I bought a local SIM-Card, I prefer Phone-to-Phone for performance reasons. As it is only used to log-in and establish the call, this will work with the slowest internet access ever.

Happy travels!

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